The business smarts & clinical know-how to launch & scale your health & wellness practice using high-quality CBD products & protocols. 

CBD Business Launch Accelerator.

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 The only CBD business accelerator program to help practitioners introduce and expand their CBD offerings, with both clinical & business expertise.

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No matter where you're at, I can help you increase your profitability.

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Choose from a 3 or 6 month option with pricing starting at $399/month, and schedule your 1:1 kickoff & onboarding session to get you up to speed fast. 

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Join a community of fellow practitioners & take advantage of bi-weekly office hours to learn about real case studies & business expansion topics. Plus, voxer support!

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Implement the exact strategies I've used in my own practice to grow your revenue fast, and take advantage of ongoing support to get your questions answered quickly. 

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Most days, my inbox is full of practitioners asking about CBD.

The industry continues to grow fast, and it's not uncommon for me to receive 20+ emails/day from practitioners, clients, executives & creators of CBD products, asking for advice on how to use CBD safely & effectively. From dosing & drug interactions, to advice on marketing and how I've been able to turn CBD into a wildly profitable part of my own functional medicine practice. 

You asked & I delivered

This is exactly why I've launched the accelerator program – to help fellow practitioners understand how to start serving & earning fast!

Dr. Kourtney's CBD trainings have been amazing! On top of the incredible business knowledge that I've gained, I've also managed to heal some of my own longstanding health issues, which has turned me into a lifelong advocate of these products!! Dr. Kourtney is exactly what I needed to feel confident in adding CBD consults to my practice, and I'm incredibly thankful for her expertise!

- Dr. Lisette M. Alba

I get it...CBD can be intimidating without much experience. 

Where should I buy from?

There are TONS of CBD products on the market today, and figuring which ones are truly reputable & high-quality is not easy. Through years of research & experimentation, I've come to know which companies & products I can rely on for consistency & quality.

How do I determine dosages?

Finding the right dosage can be tough. There's no “one size fits all” for CBD usage & the dosing regimen will depend on your client's bio individuality & conditions, but with over 5+ years experience, I've got a system down.

What all can CBD be used for? 

There are countless uses for CBD, from anxiety to natural pain relief, and everything in between! I have extensive clinical experience having helped hundreds of people achieve their health and wellness goals using CBD. 

Don't waste time experimenting! Get access to the knowledge I've accumulated over the past 5+ years as a CBD educator & clinical expert.  

You don't have to reinvent the wheel when you have access to my proven strategies, based on 5+ years of CBD education, clinical expertise & business know-how.

Start selling immediately with a fast return-on-investment (ROI) & reputable sourcing

How does this sound?

Done-for-you marketing strategies & 
materials to spread the news to your audience 



The value & results you can expect:

The exact knowledge you need to speak intelligently on the endocannabinoid system & CBD benefits


Peace-of-mind & safety guidance from a pharmacist with 20+ years experience 


Ongoing support via voxxer & office hours as you scale your practice with CBD products


Proven marketing plans & materials

3 months ongoing voxer support

Exclusive community of practitioners

Bi-weekly trainings & office hours

1:1 kickoff & onboarding mtg. (60 min)

What you get:

Are You Ready To Grow Your Practice With Proven Business Strategies & CBD Expertise? 

As a health & wellness practitioner, TIME is one of your most valuable resources, and I don't want you to waste it trying to figure this out alone! Join today, and get all the information you need (and nothing you don't), so you can start earning FAST.

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